haha its how I feel some days!!

haha its how I feel some days!!

Friday, February 14, 2014

My new Vintage Singer 301A

This machine came highly recommended by fellow quilters, she's one of several made in and around 1951, in her original cabinet with all of her attachments!! She's been cleaned, lubed and oiled and soon to be sharing floor space with her relatives in my sewing room.... Soon as we make some room....

This was the day I brought this beauty home, I didn't know the dimensions of her cabinet so I didn't have her in the sewing room yet.... She was patiently waiting in the dining room for several days until I made room for her! 

This was the spot we carved out for her but it was a difficult work space because it felt cramped to work in that tiny space.... So we moved her again....

Now she loves her new home and I'm comfortable sitting over here , there's good lighting, everything's accessible.... There's even a small ironing table nearby!!  She's very close to her cousins so I'm sure they're busy catching up while in use!! 

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