haha its how I feel some days!!

haha its how I feel some days!!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Purse Organizer

Purse Organizer

 I can never find what Im looking for when I dig into my purse! It's usually the keys or my work ID or a pen! I made a nice little purse organizer!

No more digging for keys, work ID, note pad and pen, or my jump drive! I won't miss digging for my keys cause now they are right in the center of the divider where I put them!!

Keeps all your useful things handy!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Auburn Bag coming along...

AU Bag for a customer has the handles in place and sewn on and the ruffles are also on but aren't sewn on just yet! I will finish this bag tomorrow and start on the next Bama bag for the same customer! I also have another customer order for baby booties to squeeze in but thats no problem, I like to take detours, keeps the creative juices flowing! How do you revive your creative juices or keep them fresh?

Saturday, January 21, 2012

New Customer Project

 Auburn Diaper Bag for a customer! Looks Fantastic! Notice the sweet nick-name in the bottom photo! (BBG) is what Dad calls her!! So Cute! The bag isn't quite finished, still needs handles and some kind of closure but its taking shape and a quick photo email to the customer, will give him a sneak peak!! I love a good surprise, Don't you?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Customer Orders....

Well Im still working on a customer order, I decided to get the inside done first so its almost done, I just have to divide the pockets and sew them down and make a tag with my name on it. Then on to the outer liner..... But its pretty inside although its not quit done! What do you think?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

She Sews Alot: Dreary kind of day! But Great for sewing!

She Sews Alot: Dreary kind of day! But Great for sewing!: Today was our first day back from Christmas vacation! Its rainy and kinda dreary outside but great for sewing! Hubby cooked dinner! I have a...

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dreary kind of day! But Great for sewing!

Today was our first day back from Christmas vacation! Its rainy and kinda dreary outside but great for sewing! Hubby cooked dinner! I have a great hubby, he cooks and cleans and does all kinds of things most hubbies don't do! So I think I'm pretty lucky!! Im working on a new customer bag, what are you working on?

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Drop Box

The Bama Bag is finished, packaged and ready to be delivered to its new owner! Im sure she'll love it! Although filling it up might be a bit more difficult! This bags roomy and has a few pockets! Now on to the Au Diaper bag for a customer and another Bama bag for this same customers wife! Yes you read that right this customer is a male! My first male customer ordering custom bags for his girls!! Love it!! Don't you?

January's gonna be a busy month!


These are just some of the things I made last year! This year has already been busy and the dates arent even double digits yet! Happy Sewing Ya'll!
Are you ready to get busy with customer orders or are you taking this month off?

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Tips for turning a hobby into a Business!

Im a sewing hobbiest who's ready to go to the next level! Owner and operator of my own business! Ive been sewing for years, making this or that, I guess the push that turned my hobby toward a business venture was the fact that people were willing to pay for what I created! A friend suggested I give tips on "how my business got its roll"! So here it goes...

1. Are your sewing abilities up to date? If not seek specialty classes or join a sewing group or meet with people you can gain knowledge from!
2. Is there a market for your creations or specialty? Having a need for what you create in your community helps!
3. Are you confident of your abilities to run your business?- Being up to date on the latest fabric fashions helps!
4. Whats the competition like for your creations?- Having a specialty that only you offer helps!
5. Are you charging enough or too much? Research like items on the web to help with pricing, dont price yourself out of business before you even begin!
6. Are you ready? Is this more of a hobby or are you ready to offer your creations on a business level? Do your homework and make sure you can solve your problems as they arise and be able to talk and understand what your customers are looking for.
7. Communication is key, make sure you communicate often with your customers and take notes, make sure they understand the price point and ask and answer questions when needed!
8. Are your products packaged in a way that says your a professional? Packaging helps sell your items and makes them look professional!
9. Are you invoicing or ticketing your items proffesionaly? Attaching an invoice with your business logo containing the total and any notes is key to a professional look to your item, your name and number as well should be on the invoice!
10. Are you having fun with your business and do you love what you do? Loving what you do and create helps a business grow and be sustainable!

Good Luck and Happy Sewing!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Newest Creation!

Bama bag
Bama bag for a customer is almost complete, will finish sewing the straps on in the am and then its packaging and the new home! The straps turned out perfect! I always wanted to do the straps like this so I designed this bag so that the strap hangers blended in! Its sturdy and will stand the test of time no matter what it goes through! finished 1-8-2011
Newest Customer Creation! I think it looks pretty dang good! This is my version of a bucket bag with very stiff interfacing, it has a black liner with several pockets including an embroidered makers tag,(thats my name) yes its been tagged with my name on it! I have this recurring dream that one day "my bags" will be considered "designer" bags!!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thread Walls are Art!

Some people may say threads not art but when I look at my thread wall I beg to differ! Its Art to me, Its all color coordinated, its in sections like serger and monogram and sewing oh and dont forget the quilting! I love that its up out of the way and is within reach, its never tangled or knotted! Do you have a special place where you keep your thread or is it on display?

Sewing Companions are always tough!

Tulip is my constant sewing companion! He doesn't give negative opinions or feedback and always offers a kiss for a job well done! He never says "that doesn't match" he always says 'Hello" and if your on the phone he never interupts he always says "uh huh" and "ok" like he's part of the conversation! Tulips a single male looking for a sweet red girl- friend! Do you have a sewing patner or companion?

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Quilted Coin Purses

Today's Sewtastic project was to make some coin purses with zipper closures. They are so cute! These cute little coin purses can be used for so much more than just loose coins! You can put your ID card and DL in them with a bit of cash and even a CC or two to have all together for going to the gym, running out to the store quick or for when you dont want to carry a big bag or purse!!! Too Cute!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Are you a House United or a House Divided??

No worries, I make bags for all divided and united folks!! I also embroider the "house united or divided down the center to draw the eye to the difference, most people see a collegiate bag and think theyve seen them all. So I try my best to make each and everyone I make a one of a kind!! SO my customers can say they have an original!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Tree in living space before Christmas and After the take down!

Its that time of year that most of us start to take down the Christmas tree pack it up and send it off to tree storage till next year! Well we have before and after photos! Do you miss your cozy living room after the tree is gone taking the magic of christmas with it?

Well its here, the new year that is.... Gonna be great and packed full of life!!

Have you wanted a collegiate keychain but refused to pay the ridiculous prices? Well look no more I make them for pennies on the dollar and if you order and purchase one of my custom made handbags you will get a keychain for free!! Check them out!! Also while on my blog add my blog to your list of favorite blogs!! Thanks Ya'll