haha its how I feel some days!!

haha its how I feel some days!!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

We're Moving!!

Yep, We're Moving...  doesn't seem real until you walk through the house. I love this house, and the memories we've made here. Our kids grew up in this house, they became young adults in this house, they brought their babies back to this house. I had to fight with the hubby to buy this house, we didn't fight-fight, but we did have some heated discussions about this house. It wasn't great looking at first, the walls had all been painted a really bad shade of brown, a brown that's associated with poo, it was that dull and ugly inside. The curtains in the living room were hung upside down, all the entrance doors (four to be exact) had the locks on backwards, there was white carpet on all the floors, the kitchen floors were Pergo laminate flooring, the den is the only room in the house were the wood was visible. But it had and still has great bones. I saw that right away, that and the big front yard and the big back yard and the big trees, lots of trees, it felt like we we're living in the country. It hasn't been easy letting go, giving into the fact that we're going to be starting over.

I've lived in Georgia since I was 6, I've lived in other places too, but kept coming back here, this is home. I can't imagine life, my life outside of this place I know as home. I've wanted to move so many times because of one thing or another but that was it, they were empty threats. This is real, this is really real, this is happening in just 15 days. The walls are bare, but at least this time in this house after removing all the pictures there's no signs that a smoker lived here. My hubs is a smoker, we didn't realize how bad cigarette smoke was until we moved out of our last house, the walls were painted white or so we thought. After all the pictures had been taken down and packed up you could see exactly where each and everyone of them had hung... the walls were yellow and not a pretty yellow either. We learned a few things from that old house, we've learned a lot more from this old house too.
  I miss that old house, I'd forgotten about writing this post until today when I clicked on my blog tab and it popped up... I was home all week being on spring break, trying not to think about this old house and the many many memories we left behind in that old house,  I miss home and all the family we left there, I miss everything about this place that'll forever be home to me!
  This post was originally drafted on 7-15-2015

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

My Quilty Love is here!!

My car seat pattern is finally ready for everyone to purchase!! Go check it out on Craftsy!!