haha its how I feel some days!!

haha its how I feel some days!!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Tips for turning a hobby into a Business!

Im a sewing hobbiest who's ready to go to the next level! Owner and operator of my own business! Ive been sewing for years, making this or that, I guess the push that turned my hobby toward a business venture was the fact that people were willing to pay for what I created! A friend suggested I give tips on "how my business got its roll"! So here it goes...

1. Are your sewing abilities up to date? If not seek specialty classes or join a sewing group or meet with people you can gain knowledge from!
2. Is there a market for your creations or specialty? Having a need for what you create in your community helps!
3. Are you confident of your abilities to run your business?- Being up to date on the latest fabric fashions helps!
4. Whats the competition like for your creations?- Having a specialty that only you offer helps!
5. Are you charging enough or too much? Research like items on the web to help with pricing, dont price yourself out of business before you even begin!
6. Are you ready? Is this more of a hobby or are you ready to offer your creations on a business level? Do your homework and make sure you can solve your problems as they arise and be able to talk and understand what your customers are looking for.
7. Communication is key, make sure you communicate often with your customers and take notes, make sure they understand the price point and ask and answer questions when needed!
8. Are your products packaged in a way that says your a professional? Packaging helps sell your items and makes them look professional!
9. Are you invoicing or ticketing your items proffesionaly? Attaching an invoice with your business logo containing the total and any notes is key to a professional look to your item, your name and number as well should be on the invoice!
10. Are you having fun with your business and do you love what you do? Loving what you do and create helps a business grow and be sustainable!

Good Luck and Happy Sewing!

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