haha its how I feel some days!!

haha its how I feel some days!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Trinket Box turned Pincushion

Well here it goes, Ive never re-purposed anything other than milk jugs so this should be interesting!! There's this pin I saw on pinterest about a re-purposed jewelry box into a pincushion and I thought... I can do that!! So I went on a treasure hunt at the local goodwill and found this cut little trinket box for $1.01!! Although the top is quite nice too I have no idea what to do with it so I'm saving it for another pin idea!!

Trinket Box To be RE-purposed!!

This is a side view of the flower detail and the nice little lip on the top of the box. Also there's a nice little under lip great for gluing to!! This little trinket box even has cute little feet that it sits up on.!!

You'll probably want to wash your box to make sure there's nothing on it that will prevent the paint from sticking, so I washed it and dried it first. Then on to the fun stuff! Paint!! I picked a pretty Kiwi just because the one I found on pinterest was lime green and this kiwi paint is Soy Paint I found at Jo-Ann for $1.99 and a little brush I already had - free!

Items needed for pincushion: fabric in your color choice, mine is from a cake layer I got at a local fabric store and the batting and some fluffy fiber fill or you could re-purpose an old pillow stuffing for this too! I filled the cavity with the fiber and then layered the batting over top for a smooth finish to the fabric topper. Then I used a low heat glue gun to glue everything into place and Voila!!

So here's my re-purposed trinket box made pincushion ready to be pinned!! No pun intended pinterest!! Don't you just love the fringey border?? It adds that little froo froo needed to the hard edges!

This is a side view of the body and the fringe detail and the height of the pincushion for pinning!
So ladies now you have a mini tutorial on how to make your own "one of a kind" pincushion!!

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